New to the sub? The Innova Star Gator is an overstable mid range driver. The Innova Champion Dyed Boss is an overstable distance driver. The Innova DX Banshee is an overstable fairway driver. We like to use our backhand drive more often than not. Best forehand disc for what?

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The Ape is great for powerful backhand and sidearm throws as wel….

Innova Destroyer – Champion. If you are looking for a distance driver disc for your forehand throwing needs any disc listed here should work sdearm for you.

I still suggest the below discs for overall use and consistency. R-Pro pig is my most used side-arm approach disc. If you are a big fan of Dynamic Discs you should really check out the Defender.

The comfortably smooth rim glides quite cleanly through the air.

Innova Sidearm Discs

Innova Boss – Star Bottom Stamp. Send a private message to waynewf.


Find all posts by CoachQ. You can approach with it and also throw good FH lasers with it. You can download and print it. TeeRex is a great sidearm disc! Innova Aviar3 – Sidsarm.

Compared to the Wraith it is faster and has a little more high and low speed stability. It has a long straight flight, amazing glide, a good bit of fade and …. Innova Krait – Blizzard Champion.

Innova Sidearm Golf Discs

Innova TeeBird – Champion Dyed. It has a combination of straight flight, high glide and good speed that make it accurate and long fly…. When throwing a disc with the sidearm technique, you usually put less spin on the disc than when throwing it with the bank hand technique. The Innova Star Destroyer is a stable to overstable distance driver.

Useful gplf long straight shots, gentle hyzers and turnover shots. Innova Aviar Putter – Pro Yeti. But I’ve got about 15 for backup, so I think I’m set for a while The Innova Blizzard Champion Dominator is a fast, straight stable distance driver. This besf golf putter is a mu….

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Best Sidearm disc – Disc Golf Course Review

The Innova Champion Metal Flake TeeBird is an overstable fairway driver and one of Innova’s most accurate and reliable disc golf drivers.

KJ will receive a substantial portion of every d…. The Innova Pro Starfire, SL or Starfire-L is a fast, dependable, stable to slightly overstable maximum distance driver less overstable than the Starfire.

Aside from throwing sidearm, what else are these discs good for? Prodigy built a great distance driver for forehands in the X1. We like to use our backhand drive more often than cisc.

Innova Ape – DX. Ames, IA Years Playing: It is one of Innova’s most popular upwind drivers that….