If you’ve ever used the drive-thru, you’ve gotta watch this. He was born and grew up in Virginia Beach , where he showed passion for building things with cardboard and duct tape. Booby trap your room to find it someone has been going through your stuff How To: Please enable JavaScript to watch this video. Share Your Thoughts Click to share your thoughts.

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If you’ve got the time and money, maybe you mwgic rig up a camera on the car and monitor inside your costume. I would strongly recommend to watch all of the Rahat’s pranks as he is very talented prankster and magician. While collecting the money, Eric moved into a hotel room and was given a job. That would be sick. Then, the drive-thru window opened, and he recalled: Hossain carried out his plan, then filmed the workers’ reactions, which ranged from shocked to scared and mystified.


Rahat Hossain

magid Ultimate Magic Of Rahat’s Fan Club App Magic of Rahat- magician, prankster and famous YouTube personality who became popular after performing a prank where he dressed himself as a driver’s seat so he was invisible at first sign but still able to drive a car and recorded reaction of Drive Thru staff.

Once you’ve found that, you just need some cardboard and duct tape. Pull a collapsing bed prank with fishing line How To: He’s added a new twist to the trick in his latest video, which features a Chucky doll well, technically a Good Guy doll, but who are we to split hairs?


Lol best app ever. Views Read Edit View history. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. He said he was able to quit his job at Domino’s pizza invisiboe now supports himself off the revenue from the videos.

Invisible Driver at Drive-Thru Inspires ‘Epic’ Video

This Week in Pictures International. Hossain, 24, of Newport News, Va.

Santas around the world International. Rahaat college student Rahat Hossain had a bright idea. Hossain’s parents are from Bangladesh. That can get old quickly, though, so clearly the only logical next step was for him to put a headless mannequin costume and have fellow YouTube prankster Ed Bassmaste r dress up like a head-chewing zombie in the passenger seat.

If you had a bad day or did not laugh for quite a while, remember laugh is the best medicine and Rahat is the best doctor. In the following days, Hossain posted another video in which he said that people who were touched by Eric wanting to give half of the money to Hossain asked how they could donate to Eric.

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At the time of publishing this app the prank had more than 34 millions views. YouTube personalitymagician. They’ve seen things, man. Look for the girl who spots the camera.

After receiving the money, Eric tried to give Hossain half of it, which Hossain declined to take. Others are genuinely perplexed. This page was last edited on 19 Decemberat If, like us, though, you were kind of wondering when fast food workers in Rahat’s neighborhood would grow bored with his shenanigans — wait no longer, as a car driven by a murderous doll is no longer enough to unnerve people working a drive-through window.

Invisible Driver at Drive-Thru Inspires ‘Epic’ Video – ABC News

He uploaded almost 50 videos of this genre before filming hidden camera pranks. A world of Illusions. Make a fart machine How To: Make fake semen How To: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He said he was nervous the first time invisiboe tested it at a KFC. Hossain said that he wanted to “improve his lifestyle” and emphasized Eric’s personality.